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Stylish wooden handmade Pendant Necklace for purchase order mail us

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Stylish wooden handmade Pendant Necklace for purchase order mail us

A necklace should match not only the outfit you’re wearing, but should also suit you. If you are someone who considers yourself to be fashion conscious, you know how even the right accessories for an outfit can look like the wrong accessories if they don’t suit the wearer. Thankfully, the variety of necklaces being made by professional jewelers today insures there is a necklace for everyone.

Handmade Artificial Jewellery India

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Handmade Artificial Jewellery India

Jewellery has been an integral part of Indian fashion world since ancient times. Relics of terracotta jewellery having colourful beads have been found in Harappa sites. In ancient India, common people including men used to adorn themselves with trinkets and ornaments.

Artificial bracelets and artificial bangles were worn by male and female dancers to accentuate arm movements during religious gatherings and festival celebrations. They were put on to honor and delight the gods. Artificial jewelry designs were carried to many different parts of the world and cultures and even now in different parts of Europe and into the New World, you can see the Indian influence in jewelry designs.For purchase order mail us

Necklaces for girls

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Necklaces for girls

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My First article writing on Terracotta Jewellery

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My First article writing on Terracotta Jewellery

Hey my all lovable WordPress followers.. This is my first article writing on terracotta jewelry.. Have a look please and suggest me if anything needed… Your suggestions is very important for me.. So in next article i will explore more…I hope you all seeing and like it…

In the modern era, this type of jewellery has been given the name as terracotta jewellery. It is a handcrafted act. The Indian handmade jewellery has always astonished the jewelry industry. It can be considered as the best. The designs are mostly ethnic in nature. All the natural materials are used in the making of this ornament. Materials like clay, dry leaves, and barks are used. These ornaments are eco friendly.

Seed Mala~~The latest trend in new fashion Era

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Long terracotta jhumkas…For purchase order email us at

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Long terracotta jhumkas...For purchase order email us at

Throughout the excavations, ancient burial sites dotted in and around the city walls revealed a wealth of ornamentation and jewelry. The burial sites which revealed the largest amounts of artifacts were those of males, containing intricate goods such as terracotta and bronze figurines of women and animals, baskets, tools, beads, bangles, pendants and necklaces. Much of the jewelry discovered included gems like lapis lazuli, carnelian, agate, turquoise, shells and pearls. These gemstones were not indigenous to the area, showing that the artisans of Mehrgarh traded throughout a wide area with the lapis lazuli and copper originating from the highlands of Afghanistan, carnelian and agate coming from Gujarat in India and the shells and pearls from Pakistan’s southern coasts on the Arabian Sea.

Pearl Jewellery – The Most Versatile Types of Adornments Known to Man!

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Pearl Jewellery - The Most Versatile Types of Adornments Known to Man!

Pearl jewellery is one of the most versatile types of adornments known to man. Pearls exude wealth without being ostentatious, go with any outfit, and are appropriate for any occasion. These gems of the sea have been prized for thousands of years, with queens and empresses, businesswomen and politicians alike reveling in their ability to project an image of power.

On the flip side, pearl jewellery also stands for purity and virtue, making pearls a favored gift for young girls and women. Fathers traditionally give their little girls a strand of pearls for an important event such as a Sweet Sixteen birthday, prom night or graduation. Mothers arrange for their daughters to wear pearls as brides, and the women and girl attendants are also often bedecked with pearls.

Pachi Jewellery,terracotta jewellery

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Pachi Jewellery,terracotta jewellery

Piercing and non-piercing pachi & terracotta jewelry with chains for women is obtainable. The fearless people might opt for the total works; everyone else may fake it without worrying about soreness!

Laughter sinister

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Papermashed (Discontinued Blog of Eva Acharya)

She laughed and she laughed
doubling up on the floor
her stomach aching with strain
but she could not help it
the laughter kept coming out of her, merciless.
Her eyes watered and she slapped the floor
a fair few times,
begging between hiccups for it to stop
she could no longer remember why she had laughed
so uncontrollably in the first place
and she held her raw tummy, for God’s sake
barely able to breathe another gulp.
Why was she laughing so?
She looked around still shaking on the floor
and several people just stood staring at her so.
‘What?’ she asked, finally slowing down
feeling her muscles relax for once,
‘What are you all staring at?’ she managed in a rasp
but saw faces stilled in gloom and shock
staring at her, or the floor just behind.
‘What?’ she almost snapped and turned around.
What were they looking…

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