Day: October 23, 2013

Long terracotta jhumkas…For purchase order email us at

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Long terracotta jhumkas...For purchase order email us at

Throughout the excavations, ancient burial sites dotted in and around the city walls revealed a wealth of ornamentation and jewelry. The burial sites which revealed the largest amounts of artifacts were those of males, containing intricate goods such as terracotta and bronze figurines of women and animals, baskets, tools, beads, bangles, pendants and necklaces. Much of the jewelry discovered included gems like lapis lazuli, carnelian, agate, turquoise, shells and pearls. These gemstones were not indigenous to the area, showing that the artisans of Mehrgarh traded throughout a wide area with the lapis lazuli and copper originating from the highlands of Afghanistan, carnelian and agate coming from Gujarat in India and the shells and pearls from Pakistan’s southern coasts on the Arabian Sea.