Month: July 2014

Dani Austin loves GLOSS AND TOSS – Spring Hair Tips 2014

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On the special occasion of Indian Festival rakhi . We comes up with latest hand made terracotta necklace designs.

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terracotta jewellery

Terracotta jewellery is one of the types. It is fully handmade. Made from terracotta clay, it can take up any shape. It was earlier used by the people to make sculptures, pots and designs to decorate homes. Common colors used in this jewelry are red, brown, and orange, yellow, green. This type of jewelry portrays the nature. Please do not forget to like our page for knowing about more latest collections.

Paranormal Romance- Wishing for parallel a world

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This book is basically based on Paranormal Romance & Young Adult fiction written by Arriah Kiprujistho..And it is also available on Amazondotcom in both edition( ebook&Paper book).First young adult novels in the US came into being during the forties and fifties. Then, between the sixties and the nineties, young adult fiction flourished. Writers like Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume led the way in addressing teen dilemmas to become the icons of such literature.Today, with the advent of e-books, religious fiction directed to teens, manga, graphic novels, and techno-thrillers, young adult fiction is branching out into subcategories and becoming more deeply rooted in popular literature.