JV Corporation-Terracotta jewelry

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JV Corporation-Terracotta jewelry

Buy Ganesha Terracotta pendant sets from JV Corporation-Terracotta at very reasonable price…We deal in wholesale & retail both.You can easily order any item in any quantity,We will be very happy to serve our services !
Wholesale price:Rs 350(Minim. Order Quantity-6,can be mix & match,any design)
Retail price:Rs 750.
Color:Red Green Color.
Status:Available(to buy send a mail to jvcorporationexporters@gmail.com) or inbox us for the details with proper E-mail id.

CMJ a “Breath of fresh air” in jewelry business

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Recently, owner of Customize My Jewelry, Anthony Mangiaracina, received a compliment on how his company has brought unique, one of a kind custom signature jewelry to the marketplace. A fellow jewelry (buyer) on Jeweler’s Row located in downtown Chicago was commenting on the innovative, fresh approach that CMJ has taken with its focus on truly authentic and personalized jewelry. Made with pride and high quality in the United States, CMJ designs and casts each and every piece individually in the Chicago, Illinois region. 

The designers and jewelry artisans at CMJ are able to take any written word, signature, or symbol off a piece of paper or photo and turn it into an exact replica.  Pieces can be done as a pendant, ring, or bracelet.  Customers can choose to have the piece cast in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver.  Additionally the piece can be adorned with precious or semi-precious gemstones.  The customer chooses where he/she would like the stones placed making the piece entirely custom and one of a kind.  CMJ’s most popular piece of custom jewelry is the custom name pendant.  The pendant is a top choice amongst customers because it gets the most visibility as it’s adorned around the neck.  The client is able to showcase their own name or written word in the actual handwriting of their own or that of a loved one!  While there are many jewelry companies who offer signature name necklaces, those tend to appear cheaply made due to the fact that they all look the same and are mass produced. Those companies often use the same standard fonts for their lettering and also attach the chain to the piece via unsightly rings on either side of the name.  At CMJ, the lettering is unique every single time because each client has their own stylistic script. Additionally, the jewelry artisans at CMJ create “hidden” loops behind each pendant which allows any length of chain to be fed through.  This is a striking contrast to the traditional competitors who only create replica, one unit pendant/chains at a predetermined length.  With CMJ personal designs, customers are never stuck with a fixed length chain! Another great advantage to their advanced design is that, in the event of a customer breaking a chain, the entire jewelry piece is not destroyed. They can simply slide it through another chosen chain they may own if desired!

Customize My Jewelry has only just lifted their heels off the ground but yet they have already begun to design and sell pieces for actresses, models, and clients both here in the U.S. and abroad.  Although many jewelry designs feature personalized options, none have the ability to reproduce the authentic signature of a person or a loved one by utilizing the authentic method which Anthony Mangiaracina at CMJ has perfected with his specialized Patent Pending process.  This is a significant upgrade to the existing traditional font and laser cut jewelry sold as personalized nameplates and jewelry.  Don’t settle for less, let Customize My Jewelry create something unique and beautiful for you today.

I want to wish you all A Very charming and Energetic Happy New Year !

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I want to wish you all A Very charming and Energetic Happy New Year !

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

I want to wish you all “Merry Christmas” from bottom of my heart <3

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“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.”

Buy American Diamond Jewellery a Better and Affordable Alternative

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Buy American Diamond Jewellery a Better and Affordable Alternative

American diamond jewellery is in vogue nowadays. The biggest advantage is that they look exactly same like the real ones and come in various attractive designs. The best thing about this type of diamond is that they are not much costly as compared to the real ones. Eventually there has been an increase in the number of customers as well as dealers selling American diamonds in India.

The Outlook For Wholesale terracotta Fashion jewellery this fall

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Terracotta  jewellery is popular because of its ethnic style, beautiful bright colours and variety of designs offered. The earthen clay is moulded into different shapes rough or glazed finishes and then painted or embossed with patterns.Terracotta is fined red clay used in sculpture,jewellery and pottery.Terra means earth in contrast with terracotta Terracruda is unfired clay terracruda but not terracotta can be mixed with water to make mud.

Terracotta can be quickly identified by its brownish red hue porous exterior and earthy feel.The clay that is used to make terracotta is formed ,cast or molded into different shapes and dried,usually in a kiln to obtain a hard surface.you will find terra cotta is the form of roofing,sculputures,jewellery and dishes.As with any manufactures product,there are some important environment concerns to be considered. Terracotta made from clay found in the earth. The material used to make terracotta products is classified as an inert product. This means that the terracotta material doesn’t undergo major physical, chemical or biological modification. The material itself is harmless. Hence, Terracotta Jewellery, Earthenware, Handis, Dinner sets, Tea sets, Wall Hangings, etc are becoming more popular with great demand as they are eco-friendly and innocuous Clay is a general term used to refer the materials which have traces of metal oxides and organic matter.

Terracotta is a fired clay and it’s an Italian Term “baked earth”. Typically unglazed and in red-brown color after kiln firing to low temperatures. Today the terracotta jewellery makes exotic dressing style when worn with the traditional nomadic or tribal dresses. In the rural and tribal societies the earthen ornaments like necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and chokers were quite commonly used. They create elegant and rustic appeal. They can take up various earthen colors of pink, red, green, indigo, rust or gray. The traditional shapes can be animals or the tribal gods or a more contemporary look can be given by using abstract shapes and designs. The varied cultures and moods of Indian heritage have given rise to many challenging crafts which are reflected in terracotta fashion jewellery. They are popular because of their ethnic style and beautiful bright colors. It is a rage among fashion conscious people. They are often handmade and its variety is at par with the expensive items in terms of beauty of design and the variety offered. Presently the Designer Vinita Singhar of JV Corporation is working towards in designing new Terracotta Jewellery, Wall Hangings, Clocks, Handis, Dinner Sets, Tea Sets made up of Baked Earth.

JV Corporation was established in 2009 as a design studio for hand-crafted terracotta jewellery which would cater to a select clientele in and around Bangalore. From its humble beginnings as a creative outlet of an amateur women entrepreneur, Aakaar has slowly grown in stature and is now privileged to have built a reputation as one of the best terracotta jewellery maker’s in the country. The exquisite collection includes terracotta jewellery sets as well as just earrings and pendants to suit the dressing style of women of all ages. JV Corporation showcases the whole range of exquisite terracotta jewellery at : http://www.facebook.com/terracottajewelleries

Buy Jewellery From jv corporation exporters Online

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Buy Jewellery From jv corporation exporters  Online

Jv corporation Exporters always keep in mind to the customers view with the precious, original & ensuring superlative quality with the modern techniques. To these they use various methods, traditional embossing & stamping. These all are performed under the vision of the professionalism they are very qualified Gemologist they have enormous knowledge of the gemstones used in the Jewell jv corporation exporters. These well qualified professionals always keen to make & design those kind of jewels which provide satisfaction to the customers.. They have Jv corporation jewels both Indian & Ethnic Styles.For Purchase order you can mail us at jvcorporation168@gmail.com.. Limited collection please hurry up now.